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Google AdWords - Basic Understanding


AdWords is an advertising system Google developed to help businesses reach online target markets through its search engine platform and partner sites. These partner sites host a text or image ad that appears on the page after a user searches for keywords and phrases related to a business and its products or services.

Adwords is immediate than SEO since advertising campaigns can be instantly created to get targeted traffic, while with SEO one needs more time to get good rankings.


Targeted Advertisements: Google Ads analyses web content and considers factors such as text, language, link structure and page structure. It then determines the central themes of each webpage and targets ads based on the website’s topic selections.

Control Over Costs: One can exercise tight control over how their Google Ads budget is spent using tactics like ad scheduling, geotargeting and device targeting. The average cost per click in Google Ads is between $1 and $2 on the Search Network. The average CPC on the Display Network is under $1.

Measurability of Success: A Google AdWords KPI is a measurable, transparent performance indicator used to comprehensively monitor, analyse and optimise the performance of selected strategies and measures related to Search Engine Advertising in the Google network over time.

Managed Ad Campaigns: Google Ads campaign is a set of one or more ad groups (ads, keywords, and bids) that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings which can be individually managed by the advertiser. Campaigns are typically used to organise categories of products or services offered by an advertiser.


  1. Visit Google accounts manager page and click on Start using manager accounts.

  2. Enter the email address you want to use. It mustn’t already be associated with other accounts.

  3. Give your manager account a name, which your merchants will see if they log into AdWords

  4. Choose how to use the account, either as an account to manage your own AdWords accounts, or to manage accounts for other businesses.

  5. Select your country and time zone.

  6. Select a permanent currency for your account. It is recommended to choose the currency in which business is done. All client accounts will be billed in their individual chosen currencies.

  7. Check the box to accept the rules of use and click Save and continue.

  8. Once your email is verified, your new manager account will be active.



Quantcast is an American technology company, founded in 2006, that specialises in AI-driven real-time advertising, audience insights and measurement. Quantcast Measure begins by allowing advertisers to create a detailed profile of the types of people they want to reach. Then Quantcast finds Web sites using its measurement technology that are attracting those types of people. It takes a cut of the revenue from the resulting ads sold by the Web sites.


Quora Ads is a self-service platform that enables users to create an ad account and begin running ads on Quora. This platform enables advertisers to target specific topics and questions on Quora -contextual targeting, as well as create and target audiences based on pixel data -behavioural targeting.


AdRoll is a digital marketing technology platform that specialises in retargeting. One can reach their customers across any device, app, or browser, with access to more than 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. AdRoll utilises different platforms such as web, mobile, and even social media using advanced tools to achieve results.

Amazon Advertising

In 2018, Amazon launched Amazon Advertising, as a search advertising solution for Amazon vendors. Similar to pay-per-click ads on Google, sellers only pay when shoppers click on ads. After clicking, they'll be taken to the product details page. Similar to Google Ads, Amazon uses keyword-based targeting which advertisers bid on.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides pay per click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines. As of June 2015, Bing Ads has 33% market share in the United States. Microsoft Advertising ads appear when people search online for a topic related to your business and direct them to your website, phone line or physical location.


BuySellAds is an advertisement marketplace where publishers can list their sites and advertisers can come and check the stats and directly buy the advertisement spots. Unlike other ad networks, getting approved BuySellAds account is not easy. One needs to have a quality website with a nice design. If a lack in any of these, the application will be rejected.


Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilise the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customise their own campaign. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to engaged users. Online bloggers and website owners monetise their websites with Infolinks while keeping the look & feel of their sites undisturbed.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest advertising can be a very effective way to increase brand awareness and engagement, drive traffic, and boost sales. The Pinterest ad isn't the end of the road, because setting up a post-click landing page for prospects to visit after clicking the ad is just as important to the campaign success. Advertisers select a Promoted Pin, choose an objective they want to accomplish, and enter targeting criteria. They'll place bids on having their ads shown to their target audience, and those who bid the most could win the placement.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn text ads appear in the right rail and top banner on desktop. They include a short headline, blurb, and a small square image. These ads are measured by pay-per-click or cost-per-impression. LinkedIn's ad management tool empowers anyone to create, launch, and evaluate the performance of LinkedIn ad campaigns.


Ad campaign types in google AdWords are centred around Google's advertising networks which can be broadly classified as Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where ads can appear.

When advertised on the Google Search Network, the ads can show near search results when someone searches with terms related to one of the keywords.

These are the text-based ads that appear next to the search results as people search for related products or services.

They’re distinguishable by the “Ad” tag next to the search result URL.

Search ads are triggered by keywords; if a user’s search query matches one of the keywords, then the corresponding ad could appear above or alongside the organic search results.

They work on a pay-per-click basis, meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is designed to help the business to find the right audience.

Its targeting options lets a business strategically show their message to potential customers at the right place and the right time.

The Google Display Network is the set of third-party websites that have agreed to show Google ads. The network is made up of millions of websites.

Display ads aren’t just for websites, and can appear in Text, URL, Banner, Gmail, App, Pre-roll and interstitial formats.

Display ads will show up for audiences based on the targeting options selected. One can target ads through Keywords and topics related to what the website offers, or choose specific websites /pages, or choose specific audiences based on interests, demographics, location, or purchase activity on the website.


Google Search Partners is a network of different pages and companies that work with Google to show ads. It is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.

When an agency qualifies for Google Partner status, it gives them access to a number of benefits, such as product training & certifications, phone, chat & email support, business strategy consulting, promotional offers, etc.

Partner Badge Requirements

Company Performance: Meet the performance requirement by using Google Ads effectively to set up and optimally run campaigns to maximise outcome.

Spend: Meet a 90-day ad spend requirement of $10,000 USD across the managed accounts to show that the site has a healthy amount of activity.

Certification: User should be certified in Google Ads with admin or standard access to the company’s Google Ads manager account or any account linked to the company’s Google Partners-registered Google Ads manager account.


A Google partner site is simply a website that has been successfully approved by Google to run AdWords adverts on their site. Google partner sites are solely to do with the display network.

These partner sites display adverts on behalf of Google and receive money every time someone clicks on them. How much they earn per click will depend on a number of factors such as the industry, keyword and advert itself.

AdSense one such platform that enables the partnered sites earn revenue on a per-click or per-impression basis. The entire process of implementing it on the partner site is fast and requires minimal knowledge to set up.

AdSense enables website owners to earn money from displaying ads relevant to their niche and target audience. One can choose from various ad types and formats to incorporate promotions that blend with their site’s native content.


  • To become a Google partner site, websites must apply with Google and undergo a manual review to see if they are suitable.

  • Any website can apply to become a Google partner site, but not everyone is accepted.

  • Unlike Google partner certificates that agencies have, partner sites don’t receive any fancy symbol, badge or icon to put on their website.

  • Becoming a site partner just means that the website is simply allowed to display adverts on behalf of Google, & receive a share of the revenue generated by that ad’s performance.


  • Earn the Google Partner badge

  • Earn company specialisations

  • Connect with Google exclusive promos

  • Generate constant revenue

  • Stay up to date with the latest PPC information

  • Possess access to beta features

  • Works directly with Google

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